Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS
Solar tree SOLIS

Solar tree SOLIS

Price: 490000
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Total 490000

Additional options

laser projector
Wi-Fi router with GSM modem
Wireless charging for phones
Heated seats
Branding and pasting of promotional film with the customer's logo
Brass or aluminum plates engraved on the layout of the customer
Equipment for video surveillance
Inverter 220V
Contour lighting

Solar tree SOLIS. Specifications

Type Eco tree
Lightning No
Install needed no

Product description

Solar tree Solis is a new creative solution for the implementation of the most custom design.


The principle of operation and the purpose of placement on the streets of the city do not differ from other models of trees and sunny benches. A fully autonomous and renewable source of energy is what is now essential for implementation everywhere in cities. And if such an object also provides recreation for citizens, access to a charging station for gadgets, free Internet, stylish lighting and advertising, then this is a real find for ecological construction. A solar panel is installed on the L-shaped support of the tree, which charges the object in the daytime and makes electricity publicly available.


For owners of trees and benches, there are various opportunities for individualizing or selling advertising space on outdoor furniture. Also, the manufacturer does not limit buyers to the dimensions and choice of finishing materials.


Our managers will be happy to advise you on any product, and the designer will make the project just for you !!!


- Ecological approach to the use of solar panels and recycled materials;

- The public use of natural electricity through exposure to sunlight;

- The possibility of widespread placement on the street territory of the city;

- Zero CO2 emissions;

- The positive mood of the inhabitants;

- Create a powerful Wi-Fi network;

- Use of automatic lighting;

- The conversion of solar heat into electricity, which does not require additional energy;

- Ability to sell advertising space;

- Russian manufacturer;

- Prompt delivery from three to five weeks;

- Warranty and after-sales service



Dimensions (L / W / H)

2500/2000/2500 mm


700 kg


LiFePO4 - 12V 60 Ah


10 watts, 1pc

USB connector

4 things

Solar panels

150 watts, 2pcs

Moisture protection

IP 54

Charge controller (pcs)


Light Sensor (pcs)


Materials used:
Housing painted steel with anti-corrosion coating
wooden, oiled PNZ 40758 - Rosewood

Mounting brackets
painted steel with anti-corrosion coating



Branding and pasting by industrial film with the customer's logo

Soft seat cushions

Brass / aluminum plates engraved according to customer layout

Wi-fi router with a GSM modem

Equipment for video surveillance

220V inverter

Laser projector

Heated seats

LCD monitor