Concordia LLC, a Russian manufacturer of electric cars. Concordia's lineup includes electric vehicles for operation outside public roads, for the transport of passengers and various cargoes. Clients are offered both a standard line and various modifications that meet even the most non-standard needs. Including manufactured electric vehicles with thermal boxes and various types of bodies for food delivery. Steadily high demand for off-road electric cars and cars with charging from the solar panel on the roof. The company is also the exclusive distributor of the LvTong New Energy plant in the EAEU, the assembly of cars of this plant is fully localized at the production in Dmitrov, and the sale is also carried out under the Concordia brand.

Concordia LLC is a world-famous Russian company that occupies a leading position in the world electric transport market. Our team of qualified specialists creates truly high-quality and reliable electric machines, using our own many years of experience, the best materials and technologies.

What are we ready to offer our customers?

  • A wide range of unique models of electric vehicles designed for the transportation of various types of cargo and passenger transportation.
  • Production of models equipped with special bodies and thermal boxes, allowing the transportation of food products.
  • Electric cars equipped with a solar panel, which can significantly save energy costs.
  • Models of electric vehicles, characterized by a high rate of patency.

The manufacturer of Concordia LLC - reliability, optimal price category and professionalism! Our products are created, first of all, for those who appreciate ease of management, comfort of movement and high quality of their purchases.

We have achieved success thanks to a close-knit team of professionals, hard work and modern technologies, as well as copyright developments in the field of electric car structure. Today everyone trusts us and recognizes us as a full-fledged player in the global market, our customer base is constantly replenished with satisfied customers. The best of the best, suppliers, dealers and world-famous business partners are ready to cooperate with us. So, the main suppliers of components for us are the factory LV-tong New Energy, Toyota, Sacred Sun. Summing up the work done, we can say that in Russia there was a domestic manufacturer of high-quality golf machines, whose model range includes a wide range of equipment.

The company was founded in 2014 in Adler by enthusiasts who dedicated themselves to creating a high-tech product - high-quality and modern golf carts, on which the inscription “Made in Russia” was supposed to flaunt. Concordia LLC, as a manufacturer of golf carts, was to enter the market with competitive products that would be on a par with products from the EU, USA, South Korea or China. We coped with this task 100%, as evidenced by the hype around our machines and their popularity not only in Russia but also abroad. Not much time has passed from 2014 to this hour, but during this time we have passed the difficult path to success.

Concordia, the manufacturer of electric golf cars, introduced a wide range of products. These are not only utilitarian golf machines in a classic design, but also its various modifications. For example, in addition to the popular two-seater golf cars, four or six-seater models are in great demand. Agree in a big company to play golf more fun. In addition, this kind of transport is used for other purposes, in addition to transporting players on the golf course. So he was born his cargo-passenger, increased capacity and high cross-country adaptation. With these developments, the range of applications of this technique and the list of potential buyers have expanded.

The golf cart production of Concordia LLC is established in the city of Dmitrov, Moscow Region. The debut of the company took place a year after its founding in 2015 in Sochi. It was here that in the Olympic Park, guests and participants of the Olympiad saw the first batch of golf carts and were able to appreciate their merits. Our machines are operated in golf clubs, suburban and warehouse areas, production facilities, hotel and resort complexes, stadiums, parks, airports and train stations.

We are always glad to new and regular customers, offering a wide selection of electric vehicles, a wide range of basic and advanced equipment. Thanks to an individual approach to customers and a loyal pricing policy, at Concordia LLC everyone will find their ideal golf cart.