Electric cars

Electric vehicles manufactured by Concordia LLC are fully powered by electricity, which allows these machines to find their application where it is important to avoid the presence of exhaust gases.

Price 673016 ₽

The small electric cart "Concordiya GK2" is intended for the carriage of passengers.

Price 698413 ₽

Small cargo electric golf cart "Concordiya GK2 with cargo bed"

Price 770000 ₽

Golf cart Cross series refers to off-road electric vehicles.

Price 825397 ₽

Four-seater passenger golf cart "Concordiya GK4"

Price 914286 ₽

Four-seater passenger golf cart "Concordiya GK4 with cargo bed"

Price 952381 ₽

Six-seat passenger golf cart "Concordiya GK6"

Price 1015873 ₽

Eight-seat passenger golf cart "Concordiya GK6 + 2 with a platform"

Price 1041270 ₽

Six-seat passenger golf cart "Concordia GK6 with cargo bed"

Price 1130000 ₽

The top golf cart for private use and trips to suburban villages and enclosed areas. New Line Mountain Guide

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