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Golf cart Concordiya GK4 + 2 with a platform

Cargo-passenger golf cart accommodates from 2 to 6 people. The rear platform of the electric car is capable of transforming to transport equipment and additional cargo, which makes the device indispensable when used in park areas, private estates and hotel areas.

The Russian golf cart has excellent technical characteristics, designed for any climatic conditions. Wide rubber makes the electric car maneuverable, stable, able to move easily and freely, without damaging the ground cover.

Additional options
Storage case
Chassis cover from the rain
Sun blinds
Seat belts (set)
engine 5 KW
Built-in solar panel
Adaptation for winter
Scrap collection (over 4 KW)
Built-in charger
connector USB
socket 12В
Audio system BLUETOOTH
Design and comfort
Instrument panel (wood trim)
Adjustable rear view mirrors
Foldable windshield
Wheels on alloy wheels 215/35R12
The wheels on reinforced tyres 205/65R10
Seat repainting
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