Benches of the new generation


Projects of unusual benches for gardens, parks and streets of the city, which serve as a resting place not only for owners of certain gadgets, but also for their equipment, are already widely used throughout the world. This universal charging station will always fit into any architectural idea and will not only contribute to the positive mood of the residents, but also "save" them in the moments when the phone is about to discharge, but it is still necessary to make an important call. The station is powered by the energy of the sun, and then gives the accumulated energy to telephones, laptops, players, etc.



  • charging for portable equipment,
  • wi-fi access point,

warm bench or all functions at the same time.

They can be put in parks, at bus stops, in the form of benches or revolving chairs - any fantasy can become a reality.


Such "trees" transform the energy of the sun into the usual electricity for us, which can be used to recharge mobile devices or as evening lights. Under the eco-tree is a bench for rest. Also on the bench under the crown is a shadow, protecting the rest from the scorching rays of the sun. In Russia, this is a novelty that will attract attention and will not leave you indifferent.



  • wi-fi
  • automatic lighting (including artistic lighting, multi-colored LED lamps)
  • sound, birds singing (the ability to record any audio accompaniment)
  • recharging of phones