In Sochi, the company "Concordia" has established the production of electric vehicles

In the Krasnodar region, the production of environmentally friendly electric cars has been established. In December 2015, an enterprise in Sochi began mass production of electric cars under the brand name "Concordia".

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The initiators of the project described the idea of the enterprise and the stages of development:

"A few years ago, a group of people who were not indifferent to the ecology of their country and the desire to make the world a little better gathered together, the main direction was the development and popularization of electric transport, because most of the emissions into the atmosphere are produced by cars.

But the funds of a group of people were not, and it was necessary to raise everything on personal enthusiasm. We started with the propaganda of modern ecological means of transport.

Electric bikes, scooters, electric cars and golf carts - all this could be found on our website on the Internet.

The popularity and sales of environmental transport grew. The company participated in personal funds in all possible exhibitions and events.

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They created a laboratory for electric cars, a showroom for electric bicycles, and bought something for credit money. Strangely enough, first of all there were sales of golf carts, and not even golf clubs. Electric cars bought hotels, parks, the administration of resort towns.

Somewhere at that time Prokhorov's Yo-mobile turned back, and the topic of electric transport disappeared from the media space. Began to subside and interest of buyers.

The partners began to wander off somewhere: one engaged in engineering and creating experimental models for the army and industry, the other opened a salon of expensive road electric cars-supercars, and the third tried hard to build a network of service centers, dealers and establish production.

A separate project was created - OOO Concordia, to which technical centers and part of the staff were transferred.

Work began on the development of models and production of electric transport in the overall task of import substitution. As there were no parts to find in our country, we decided to start with the assembly of the simplest models that have a clear demand in the market, and eventually to start the production of new, fully Russian electric vehicles.

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In December 2015, the production of the first batch of electric transport under the trademark "Concordia" was launched. So far, these are two and four local light electric vehicles for closed areas, equipped with small bodies for carrying small loads. Frames and plastic are manufactured in Saransk, suspension and power units imported, assembling on the basis of technical centers of the company in Dmitrov, Moscow region, and Sochi. The car turned out excellent. The quality of production and appearance are not worse than Western analogues. The price is fixed in rubles, which adds credibility to the manufacturer's reliability.

In due course, the assortment is planned to expand in the direction of municipal transport and road vehicles.

Washing and sweeping equipment, garbage trucks, trucks on clean fuel - all this will lead to cheaper utilities, improving the environmental and improving the appearance of the city. "

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