The first domestic electric vehicles for the hospitality industry

"Concordia" - a domestic project for the manufacture of electric vehicles, implemented without state support and investment, at the expense of the authors of the idea.


The range of electric golf carts consists of two and four local light electric vehicles. They are equipped with small bodies for carrying small loads. Frames and plastic are manufactured in Saransk, suspension and power units imported, and assembly is carried out based on the company's technical centers in Dmitrov (Moscow region) and Sochi.


Quality is in no way inferior to Western analogs, and the price is fixed in rubles and lower by 5-7%. Over time, it is planned to expand the range and release of municipal transport and road machinery. The authors of the project are convinced that the washing and sweeping equipment, garbage trucks, trucks on clean fuel will lead to a decrease in prices for utility services, improving environmental awareness and improving the appearance of the city.

Strangely enough, first of all there were sales of golf carts, and not even golf clubs. Such electromobiles bought hotels, parks, administration of resort towns, - says Alexei Mikheev, the author of the idea and the project manager.

Alexei Mikheev, I am sure that the future is for ecological transport. The main task of the project "Concordia" is the maximum saturation of the Russian market with practical ecological transport, and the creation of the basis for the production of a serial electric vehicle.


It should be noted that in 2014, "Concoria" took part in the supply of equipment for the Olympics and organized an eco-friendly motor rally along the Black Sea coast.

We strive to be the leaders of the electric transport market in Russia by 2020 with our own production and developed infrastructure, - says Alexei Mikheev.

However, on the way the company has many obstacles. At the moment, there is no production of components for electric vehicles in Russia, and there are not enough specialists in this field. This makes it difficult to work on the development of the project and increases the cost of production. In addition, there is no available funding for such projects.

We started working exclusively on personal savings, which worries the family in the first place, - says Alexei Mikheev.

It is too early to talk about mass introduction of environmentally friendly transport, however, every year the market grows by 20-30%. First of all, due to the development of infrastructure for domestic tourism.

In this year and next year, if we do not reconcile with Turkey and Egypt, I expect an increase in demand for electric transport for the hospitality industry, "says Alexei Mikheev.

The main competitive advantages of an electric vehicle are its simplicity. In the models of "Concordia CC" there are 5 times less details than in gasoline analogues. Accordingly, higher reliability, less operating costs and a lack of noise and negative impact on the environment.

At the moment the company is actively working on developing the charging infrastructure.

Own charging stations have already been developed, a contractor has been found. It's just about financing. We are developing the direction of eco-transport on solar batteries. The use of batteries on the roof of our electric cars, already allows to increase the mileage by 25%, - says Alexey Mikheev, project manager.


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