In the Olympic Park there will be traffic controllers electric cars

In the Olympic Park in Sochi, the organizer of tourist transportation was replaced. The company "Ecomotors" plans to invest 80 million rubles in the development of environmentally friendly transport.

"Ecomotors" for 10 years specializes in environmental projects. The company decided to use only the transport in the Olympic Park that does not harm the environment.

"We know that gasoline cars are being used there, but eventually we will gradually replace them with environmentally friendly electric cars. One of the chips of our machines is the solar panel on the roof, "said the owner of the group of companies "Ecomotors" Alexei Mikheev.

In time, all electric vehicles for transportation in the Olympic Park will be changed to environmentally friendly domestic equipment manufactured by Concordia.

Note that now in the Olympic Park there is no clear delineation of the movement of equipment. Now, as the representatives of the company "Ecomotors" say, there will be marking and even regulators.

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