"Ecomotors" - ecological transport in the main resort of Russia

Electric cars "Ecomotors" continue to work in Sochi and after the Olympics-2014


Transportation of passengers by electric transport began for the group of companies "Ecomotors" in 2012 - from ensuring the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force. This was the first major experience in dealing with the transportation of a large number of visitors in the framework of public events, but the work of "Ecomotors" received the most positive assessments and a letter of gratitude from the main customer, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In the future, electric cars "Ecomotors" worked at the Moscow Aerospace Show in Zhukovsky and at the forum "Army 2015", at the World Athletics Championships 2013 in Moscow, at the 2014 Olympics and Formula 1 races in Sochi.

In May 2014, Russia's first long-running motor rally on environmentally friendly cars was completed in the Krasnodar Territory. The route started in Krasnodar, then passed through all major resort towns on the coast from Anapa to Sochi and ended in the Olympic Park with the opening of the forum "Energy Efficiency and Innovation 2014".

Based on the results of the forum, an agreement was reached between Omega Center OJSC and the Ecomotors Group on the development of environmental transport in the Imereti Lowland. In particular, it was decided to increase the fleet of electric cars on the territory of the Olympic Park.

Due to the reasons for the organizational nature of the company "Ecomotors" from the beginning of 2015. had to suspend activities on the territory of the Olympic Park, although the equipment delivered there continues to successfully transport visitors.

But the team "Ecomotors" did not sit idly by. As part of the group of companies, a large technical center appeared near the Olympic Park, in which both the existing fleet of electric cars and the assembly of electric cars under the national brand "Concordia" take place.


In 2015. The season was successfully worked out for the transportation of passengers on Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia. This was shown the possibility of using ecological transport in the conditions of a high-altitude natural resort and successfully tested the equipment in the most difficult conditions.

In May 2016, a pilot project was launched to transport visitors to the ethnographic park "My Russia" in the resort of Rosa Khutor. The start of regular transportation in Rosa Khutor is planned from December this year - to the ski season.

In July 2016. on the territory of Sochi the project launched with the participation of "Ecotours" in 2014 was renewed. The company Concordia begins work aimed at improving the transport component of the Olympic Park and promoting environmental transport.

Within the framework of the project, which is carried out jointly with NAO Omega Center, the route along the park will be approved and marked out, all transport will be gradually replaced by ecologically clean transport, and excursions to the Olympic facilities will become even more interesting and friendly to visitors.


In addition, in 2016-2017 years. Concordia plans to invest in the park for more than 80 million rubles. - deliveries of eco-cars of own manufacture. One of the "chips" of the park will be that all electric cars are equipped with solar panels on the roof. This not only prolongs the operating time of the machines, but also emphasizes the ecological orientation of this type of transport.

As you know, President of the Russian Federation in 2017. declared the Year of Ecology. With the active assistance of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory and NAO "Omega Center" this decree in the "Olympic capital" is actively enforced.

Source reference http://kuban.rbcplus.ru/news/57a2fb737a8aa9147f03dce8