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Distinctive features of EVA electric charging stations:

1. The unique design of the electric-charging station, developed taking into account the high requirements for the style of innovation for the transport of the future. Domestic development.

2. Durable and reliable design. We use metal, not plastic in our electric power stations, using a serious industrial approach to electrical equipment.

3. Easy installation and installation.

4. Customization to customer requirements, the ability to select additional options, select the color of the electric power station for corporate style or color solutions of the interior and installation location.

5. Simple and concise interface, no difficulties in managing.

6. Safe and fast charging.

7. Possibility of simultaneous charging of several cars.

The cost of the charging station depends on the type of housing and configuration.

In Concordia, you can buy a charging station for DC or AC electric vehicles on credit or by installments. Our managers will help you find the station with the connectors MENNEKES, COMBO2, CHAdeMO, J1772, Schuko. Buy a charging station you can by clicking the "buy" button or by calling our managers. We deliver in Moscow, Sochi and throughout Russia

Consultations on choosing a charging station by phone 8-903-130-88-15


The Volteco Company has a network of logistics and technical centers, where the final assembly and pre-delivery inspection take place. The car cost is indicated when being shipped from one of the logistics centers.

Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China). The production time is 2 to 4 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Singapore. The production time is 6 to 8 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Barcelona (Spain). The production time is 8 to 12 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Dmitrov (Russia). The production time is 12 to 16 weeks after receiving 80% of the advance payment.

The payment shall be made on our current account at our European office.

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Батарея: AGM, 48V Батарея: AGM, 48V
Контроллер: TOYOTA Контроллер: TOYOTA
Мощность двигателя: 4 kw AС Мощность двигателя: 4 kw AС
Зарядное устройство: 48V/20AH Зарядное устройство: 48V/20AH
Тормоза: гидравлические дисковые Тормоза: гидравлические дисковые
Мах скорость: до 25 км/ч Мах скорость: до 25 км/ч
Рулевое управление: самоконпенсирующаяся рулевая рейка Рулевое управление: самоконпенсирующаяся рулевая рейка