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Multi-standard fast charging station with direct current Terra 53 is designed for one-two or three-output version with a capacity of 50 kW. It supports the charging protocols CCS, CHAdeMO and alternating current. AC charging depends on the type of electric vehicle. The developed fast charging Terra 53 is ideal for use in gas stations, and in difficult urban conditions.

Multi-standard fast charging station Terra 53 combines fast charge standards for working with existing and planned electric vehicles. It supports both CCS charging, and CHAdeMO 1.0 direct current, and AC charging according to EN61851-1 (type 2, mode 3).

All ABB charging stations work with a service providing communication between charging stations and various accounting software, back office, payment systems or smart grid management systems. That allows you to remotely diagnose the status of the charging station, its service and updates if necessary.

Reliability, security, cost-effectiveness are based on the use of open industrial protocols.

Main functions
  • Fast charging standard CCS
  • From 30 to 80% of the charge of 24kW battery in 15 minutes
  • Ensuring compatibility in the future through the use of
  • Open industrial protocols
  • Flexible interface with accounting services
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Remote update
  • Easy to use
  • Bright 8 "touch screen
  • Graphical visualization of the charge process
  • Authorization by RFID tags
  • Elegant all-weather stainless steel case
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low noise during operation
Key Features
  • Expansion Pack for CHAdeMO 1.0
  • Expansion package for AC charging (T / G)
  • 22kW AC (T) or 43kW AC connector (G)
  • Simultaneous AC and DC charging
  • Option: Remote reset of circuit breakers and RCDs
  • Authorization by PIN code
  • Limiting the power consumption by software to avoid costly upgrading of the attachment networks Web interface for statistics collection and access control
  • Integration with back-office systems, payment systems and smart grid systems
  • Wide temperature range: -35ºC to + 50ºC
  • Opportunity of drawing of an operator's logo
  • Refueling / service stations on the highway
  • Urban development areas
  • Corporate Electric Vehicle Park
  • Infrastructure of charging stations for large operators
  • Dealers and importers of electric vehicles with CCS charge standard

In Concordia, you can purchase any DC or AC charging station on credit or in installments. Our managers will help you find the station with the connectors MENNEKES, COMBO2, CHAdeMO, J1772, Schuko. Buy a charging station you can by clicking the "buy" button or by calling our managers. We deliver in Moscow, Sochi and throughout Russia

Consultations on choosing a charging station by phone 8-903-130-88-15

The Volteco Company has a network of logistics and technical centers, where the final assembly and pre-delivery inspection take place. The car cost is indicated when being shipped from one of the logistics centers.

Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China). The production time is 2 to 4 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Singapore. The production time is 6 to 8 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Barcelona (Spain). The production time is 8 to 12 weeks after receiving 50% of the advance payment.

Dmitrov (Russia). The production time is 12 to 16 weeks after receiving 80% of the advance payment.

The payment shall be made on our current account at our European office.

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Батарея: AGM, 48V Батарея: AGM, 48V
Контроллер: TOYOTA Контроллер: TOYOTA
Мощность двигателя: 4 kw AС Мощность двигателя: 4 kw AС
Зарядное устройство: 48V/20AH Зарядное устройство: 48V/20AH
Тормоза: гидравлические дисковые Тормоза: гидравлические дисковые
Мах скорость: до 25 км/ч Мах скорость: до 25 км/ч
Рулевое управление: самоконпенсирующаяся рулевая рейка Рулевое управление: самоконпенсирующаяся рулевая рейка