The four-seater passenger electric car "Concordia GK4 with a body" is intended for transportation of passengers on the closed territories (parks, hotel complexes, etc.).


About us

OOO "Concordia", the Russian manufacturer of electric machines. The Concordia line-up includes electric vehicles for operation outside the public roads, for the transportation of passengers and various cargoes. Customers are offered both a standard line and various modifications that meet even the most non-standard needs. Including electric cars with thermoboxes and various kinds of bodies for delivery of food are made. Stably high demand for off-road vehicles and cars with charging from the solar panel on the roof.

Concordia LLC is a world-famous Russian company that occupies a leading position in the global electric transport market. Our team of qualified specialists creates truly high-quality and reliable electric machines, applying our own long-term experience, the best materials and technologies.

What are we ready to offer our customers?

  • A wide selective spectrum of unique models of electric transport, intended for transportation of different types of cargo and transportation of passengers.
  • Production of models equipped with special bodies and thermoboxes, allowing to transport food products.
  • Electric vehicles equipped with a solar panel, which significantly save energy costs.
  • Models of electric transport, characterized by a high rate of patency.

The manufacturer of "Concordia" Ltd. - reliability, the optimal price category and professionalism! Our products are created, first of all, for those who appreciate ease of management, comfort of movement and high quality of their purchase.

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